Diary of a Crypto Trader, Part 2



Sick of it. Every day I sit there looking at people on the internet making what I do in a month in a day, with far less effort. After scouring through BlackHatWorld looking for ideas on what to invest my time, and potentially money, into, it all came back to one idea. No, not catfishing, (which seemed to be the prevalent form of making money on BHW); pretending to be a camgirl in order to drive dirty old men through to cam-sites did not appeal to me. Cryptocurrencies were the answer to all of my problems.


Now, this wouldn’t be my first foray into Crypto, that would be back in 2013 when I first stumbled onto Bitcoin and Ethereum and decided to invest a chunk into them on MtGox. I bought myself a few Bitcoin and a bunch of Ethereum and did a bit of day trading to try and increase the size of my stack. It was all going fine and dandy until I woke up one day and it was gone. I’d been Goxed… Should have heeded the advice about putting it in wallets, not that it mattered as the market proceeded to dump and I forgot all about Crypto. Until January 2017, when I noticed that Bitcoin was almost $1000 again.


I was still bitter after MtGox, more so now that I hadn’t bothered to participate in the bankruptcy proceedings thinking it was all worthless. I also wished I could find the ASIC miner I’d bought back in 2013; although it had been essentially worthless by the time it had eventually arrived, I was certain that if I had left it running for the last three years then it would have found something now. It’s not like I pay for my electricity anyway… I started reading up on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies but wasn’t ready to bite the bullet just yet. First I needed to sit there umming and arring whilst thousands of dollars of opportunity passed me by.


By the time June rolled around, I was ready to invest but was more tempted by Ethereum and its smart contracts layer (I was a lawyer after all) than Bitcoin, so I decided to bite the bullet and bought some Ethereum on Coinbase. This was a saga in itself, taking days to complete the process and reminding me of why I hadn’t cashed in more after the 2013 crash. For a decentralized cryptocurrency, I was having to hand over a lot of personal information.


Apparently, I was a bit late to the party. After buying a bunch of Ethereum at around $300, I witnessed a brief rise before it slowly dwindled back to almost half of my entry price. Fucking Crypto. I was clearly shit at this. I stopped checking Coinbase and forgot all about my small Ethereum holding.


Which brings us back to August and my foray into BlackHatWorld, searching for a way to automate an income stream online. Nothing was jumping out at me though, except for one post I had read about Cryptocurrencies. My Ethereum had recovered to around the price I had bought it at but Bitcoin in the meantime had been on a rampage; it had gone from around $2,500 to over $4,000. Clearly, I’d bought the wrong fucking coin. Not only that, but there were so many new coins as compared to 2014 and many of them were doubling in price every day. People were talking about 100x gains on some coins. This was clearly what I needed to get in to. Having a read through various articles and blog posts, I figured that if these people were becoming millionaire’s from crypto then I surely could as well. I was so sure of myself, I decided to cash in more money, combine it with my Ethereum, send it to this Bittrex exchange (which I really hoped wouldn’t be the next MtGox) and buy some altcoins.


I’d found a post on BHW from a guy claiming to have made millions from Crypto so far. He had a list of coins he was interested in, but most of all he was bullish on Lisk. I say he because, although his profile picture was a girl, I’m fairly certain everyone on BHW was just catfishing. I looked into Lisk, mainly involving a cursory review of their website and a look at a chart that showed me it was growing by double digits of percent for the last few days and decided this was the bandwagon I would jump on.


Excited, I went back to Coinbase to make another deposit. My excitement instantly faded after sending the bank transfer. How long would this take? After an hour of refreshing, I gave up, closing my laptop for the day. The next morning, I check my Coinbase account on the handy yet clunky app and see the money has arrived. I quickly buy some Ethereum with eye-bleeding fees and a price way above the market, but who gives a shit because Lisk is taking off and I need to get it ASAP!


I then send all of my Ethereum to Bittrex, it takes about as long as a BTC transfer did back in 2013 so I really don’t see what’s so fucking great about it. How slow is BTC now?? Eventually, my account is credited and I set a sell order on Ethereum and desperately head over to the Lisk page to buy some. I hope it’s not too late. The guy on BHW has posted again, assuring everyone that Lisk will go to $10 soon. I buy it, it’s not even $3. Bargain. Now time to wait. After 10 minutes, it’s still not even $3. I hit refresh, wondering if the graph is frozen. It isn’t. Guess I will check again in an hour.


An hour later I’ve made a little bit. This is going well. Way better than Ethereum. I must be a genius. I start checking Bittrex every hour and every hour I’ve made more money. Altcoins. This is what it’s all about. That night, I wake up at 4 am after tossing and turning most of the night. I check the time, and then the thought of Lisk creeps into my mind. I glance over, my wife is sound asleep. I’ll just have a quick look. I’m up 8%. 8% in a fucking day!! My bank offers me 1% per year. Why didn’t I invest more?


Dreaming of how quickly I will become a millionaire with 8% compounding daily, I go back to sleep, waking again at 8 am. It’s a weekend so I’m up a good 4 hours earlier than usual. I’ll get so much more done with my day now! I decide it’s time to find the next altcoin to invest in and start reading some articles, signing up for a twitter account and finding some crypto peeps to follow, with exciting names like Wolf, Bear, and WhalePanda. They will guide me to success.


A week later, Lisk is over $6. I have a YouTube channel now where I can talk about all of my brilliant Crypto trades and I’m in a slack group; last time I used slack it was to run a startup but apparently it’s now a place where people shill crypto to each other. I got one month free as the channel is new and there are a bunch of alts being recommended there. I will put some of my Bitcoin into them; I’ve already doubled my Bitcoin in just one week. At this rate, I will be a billionaire in no time. Crypto is so easy when you know what you’re doing. I’m awesome at this.


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