My Top 5 Altcoins – 23 September 2017

My Top 5 Altcoins – 23 September 2017

After exiting most of my previous investments, I wanted to do another video on the coins I’m holding for the next few weeks as we near the end of September.

As always, this material is subject to change without notice. This video and post is for information and illustrative purposes only and reflects my personal opinion. It is not, and should not be regarded as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation” regarding a course of action, including without limitation as those terms are used in any applicable law or regulation. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.


First off, we are back to Lisk. After my most recent exit from Lisk I was up 120% from the end of July, selling around 170k Satoshis. I rebought Lisk at just under 150k satoshis and this is, in my opinion, a great long-term hold. However, we are looking in the shorter term here so why buy Lisk right now? Because of the re-branding. It appears that the re-design is almost complete and the re-branding is expected to occur around the end of this month/start of next month.

Take a look at what happened to NEO after the rebrand from Antshares and then get excited folks!


Next up, we have Edgeless. The Edgeless casino will be launching on 28th September to a select group of test users (including yours truly) and I expect EDG to ramp up again as the date draws nearer. Beyond that, once the test is over, the casino will be launching to the public and I expect that EDG will then be a big hit; the casino is a great use case for a coin and I can see mainstream adoption of this project. look at the size of the online gambling industry and Edgeless has the edge on the entire industry!


A hold-over from my last list, BAT still looks very promising to me. As we saw the run-up to the announcement of Mercury,  BAT had some great swings from 5k to 6.5k and back again and its now hovering around 5.5k. As we near the Mercury release next month, I think that BAT could ramp up to around 10k, possibly even beyond, which is a great target for a short-term investment.


Reddcoin is currently priced as a true shitcoin – hovering around 25-27 satoshis. However, it looks as though the launch od Redd-ID could be on the horizon; if that finally happens, after months of delays, then we could see Reddcoin hitting 1000 satoshis, maybe even more. The potential upside seems to outweigh the downside for me so I’m HODLing and waiting for news!


Who hasn’t struggled getting FIAT into Crypto? I know for sure that I have! This is one of the problems that Oxycoin plan to solve, using a new DPOS coin. The team has some developers from other successful DPOS coins (look at how well LISK, RISE, SHIFT and ARK have done). A great long term hold, definitiely worth looking into before the ICO finishes on 1 October. Participation link:

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Until next time, good luck out there and make sure to subscribe!


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Altcoins – 23 September 2017

  1. I’m really surprised I’ve never heard of Reddcoin. It takes the addictive nature of social media, and cranks that shit to 11.

    Think, social media is built around providing little dopamine hits. Imagine getting tipped actual money instead of likes. That’s a huge dopamine hit.

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