My Top ICO Pick – Oxycoin

My Top ICO Pick – Oxycoin

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about an ICO that I’ve just invested in; Oxycoin. The problem these guys are trying to solve is a huge problem with the Crypto markets – just check out their tagline: “THE EASIEST WAY TO BUY CRYPTOCURRENCIES WITH FIAT“. Now, at the moment I use Coinbase for all of my crypto purchases from FIAT, but at the end of the day, all of the current offerings are terrible. After verifying my account, it still takes a day or two to get FIAT from my bank into Coinbase, which means sometimes I miss out on great buying opportunities by not having some FIAT there on standby.

Now, the team behind this project is one of the key reasons why I bought into it, and that’s because some of their developers are from Lisk, ARK, RISE, and SHIFT; other DPOS coins which have shared great success. Some of my biggest gains last month were from LSK.

Unlike POW coins (BTC, ETH, etc.) you don’t need a GPU miner to get more coins. The holders of the coins are rewarded with more coins by using coins to vote for delegates. This may sound complicated but it’s an incredibly simple way to increase your stack of coins by voting for delegates each month. I will post another video once the ICO has finished demonstrating how to do the voting but needless to say, this coin will be a longterm HODL for me.

The ICO is on running until 1/OCT or once 2000 BTC fund reached. Circulating supply will be 100,000,000. If you’re thinking of investing, please use the link above to support the site; I will receive a few bonus Oxycoins if you do.

And before you invest 1c, please check out their whitepaper here as well: Make your own decisions!

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